Managing Development of Large Scale Software Systems. Lecture 2.

Royce, W.W. Managing Development of Large Scale Software Systems

In this article, Dr. Winston W. Royce describes, based on his nine years experience, his views about managing large software developments. His area of work, spacecraft mission flight systems is obviously a hugely critical field where lives would be at stake. As such, his process requires serious focus and testing to ensure validation.  I found this article to be very insightful. My initial reaction to the publishing date, 1970, was that this system would be outdated. However, after reading the article and observing the carefully crafted diagrams of the process it soon became clear that there are many similarities with current Software Delivery Life Cycles.  For the purposes of easy assimilation I've listed the graphics in order here. I've also attempted to illustrate my current production process in Aer Lingus. 

 love the simplicity of the above framework.  Good analysis might be all that is required for a successful project to be coded. Good analysis means less changes mid development.

he above graphic shows the full elaborated process. Below I've outlined our current work flow as an Agile team. The user stories, or the nucleus of a story, comes from the backlog and is refined  through Business Requirements, Content, User Interface and Development input. The solidified user story is then designed, prototyped and usability tested. If it fails testing it is further refined and re-tested. Once validated through testing it is passed into production.