Transformational Leadership at Iona

When changing from one organisational structure to another, nothing is more important than aligning teams to the new vision of the company. New leads were employed for each department and in some cases new teams were created from scratch. 

The Company is now evaluating the Scrum methodology and are seeking to understand how it would impact their working environment, work practices, management and organisational structure, and also their status as an ISO9001 certified organisation The same lifecycle model is also used by some of the company's largest client organisations.

The company's customer support queues are highly volatile (see figure below). The customer support queues fluctuate wildly over time and may sometimes halt new product development projects in order to address urgent customer demands.  External changes are significant drivers for both maintenance and main product releases.

In conclusion, the organisation appears to follow two very different approaches to managing production. On the one hand there is a sequential/linear process for managing and releasing new product versions; the NPD (new product development) approach. On the other hand there is on-going support and maintenance work which is highly responsive, crisis driven and reactive. The leap from the academic to the commercial world was tempting as industries like banking and telecommunications embraced networks and internets. From the beginning Iona attracted gifted technologists and programmers, many of whom went on to establish their own companies or lead innovations in other organisations